Aug 16

Apartment Patio Garden Design Ideas

You can have a beautiful garden while living even in the smallest apartment. If you would love to have a peaceful garden to relax in, but all you have is an apartment patio or balcony, you can still enjoy the benefits of a garden.

Turn your small patio into a beautiful mini-garden with our garden design ideas. Get started right away using these great tips.

1. If you can’t go wide, go tall. Hang some beautiful flowers from an overhang or place a hook in any spot you can find. Some great ones are ivy or other plants and flowers that vine. Their beauty will flow and hang down, filling your space with such beauty.

2. Stick a cool chair in the corner or the patio and place a flowerpot on it. Since you probably will not have room for a larger swing or seating arrangement, just find a small and simple place for you to enjoy your new garden.

You can’t go wrong with wrought iron in your garden design, this is a great choice. A small wrought iron chair with a fluffy cushion would be a perfect addition.

3. Purchase some tall plant holders and place them at the back of the patio. These can be filled with colorful flowers or greenery. You can then step down from tall to medium and short in order to have a great design and to fill in the small spaces.

4. Every garden needs a fountain, you can purchase a small one for the outdoors. It can be a tiny battery operated one, it doesn’t matter.It doesn’t matter if it is one you plug in or just runs on batteries. Just one that you can tuck between greenery to create beauty and the peaceful sound of trickling water.


Aug 15

Great Gardens To Visit In France With Your Gardening Group

The below gardens are some of the most beautiful and well known in France that your gardening group may enjoy. Each of these locations does have coach travel in a variety of forms but you will need to research the exact times based on the time. Remember your return fare and agree on a good time to meet with group if you separate at any time.

Some of these locations have free admittance, but traveling to each of the locations will cost a fee and should be planned on accordingly. You can save money on these fees by traveling together in a group. If there are ticket fees for one of the gardens, you can save money by purchasing all of your tickets together as a group.

When traveling, always remember to carry a small pocket guide of translations with you and a map of the area. You might also wish to print up text directions for all members of your party and even a bit of the history of the areas you will be visiting.

LE JARDIN PLUME – Normandy Open from 1 April to 1 November, between 2pm and 7pm, every day except Wednesday. Guided tours for groups between 9am and 7pm, any day by appointment. The garden is situated between Dieppe and Rouen, in Grigneuseville.

Les Jardins Agapanthe, Grigneuseville Halfway between Dieppe and Rouen to the east of Totes, on N29. Open April 1-November 1, 2-7pm, daily except Wednesdays. Plants for sale. Admission 7

Manoir de Troguindy The RBG, or Royal Botanic Garden, is a garden in all senses of the word. This garden is beautiful and filled with all kinds of plants. Local transportation can take you there. If you decide to walk or drive yourself, you should take the right of

Aug 14

Making the Most of Your Summer Garden

Summer is in full blossom-are you making the most of your summer harvest? Edible gardens are trending now as the garden to table movement continues to thrive, but do you know which veggies, fruits and herbs do best in hot weather? Even if you live in a sizzling hot region, you can still enjoy some literal fruits (and veggies) of your labor. Tomatoes, squashes, rosemary and aloe plants are all perfect matches for even the hottest days.

In fact, any fruit in the tomato family will likely do well for a mid-summer harvest. You should also consider:

– Avocado trees
– Beans
– Eggplant
– Peppers
– Pumpkins (they’re not just for autumn)
– Gourds
– Melons

Recipe Ideas

What’s the point in an edible garden if you don’t make use of it? Combine outdoor grilling with your veggies and use herbs to season those succulent cuts of meat. Peppers are the go-to item for skewers, while grilled pumpkins seasoned with thyme or rosemary are a fantastic summer treat. Serve them outdoors next to your summer roses for a romantic treat.

However, if you want something easier, there’s summer gardening tricks for that. Plant your avocado trees indoors but near windows so they can soak up that non-stop sun. Slice them in half, scoop out the pit and fill the hole with a homemade tomato salsa to compliment your tortilla chips. Nothing wasted here!

Extending the Growing Season

Want to continue enjoying your harvest well into the cooler months? Your first line of defense is simply knowing when the first frost is likely to strike. Understanding the average growth time, from seed to harvest, can allow you to plant later in the summer, and know that

Aug 14

How to Choose the Right Home Design Magazine

There are a great number of architecture design magazines available in the market. Some of the publications are wonderful. Architecture design magazines belong to different niches to meet the every specific need of different customers. Home design magazine is one of the popular types of architecture design magazine. As many people look for it, home design magazine has a great demand in the market. To meet the increasing demand, the number of publishers has increased significantly. This is why it is very important to know how to choose the right the magazine.

How to Choose:

Use of Photographs

Without photographs, a home decorating magazine is nothing. It is a common maxim that a picture is more than a thousand words. Therefore, a home decorating magazine must have color photographs laced with relevant text. Professional photographers must take the photographs. They will capture photographs of both the interior and exterior part of the home. Photographs must be real.

Focus on a right niche

The magazine must have a right niche. To be more precise, the magazine will focus on its promised and specialized area. The areas may be any one of these: furniture, wallpapers, interior lighting, color schemes, etc.

Types of articles it publishes

This is another important thing, which you must consider. Before selecting the home design magazine, you should be clear about the types of articles it publishes. You must know who the writers are. If you like the articles and the writers, only then you can go for a purchase.

Dedicated sections for the niche

Nowadays, most of the magazines are full of various classifieds and display ads. They do so, to get more ad revenues from the advertisers. Consequently, when you buy them, you have a very little portion dedicated to the specific niche. Here you unintentionally buy a number of ads. However, you will never

Aug 13

6 Awesome Ideas For Outdoor Swings And Gliders

If you are looking forward to buying furniture for placing on your patio or just in the backyard and you are interested in finding the most modern wood or metal furniture and many other types and ideas, you are at the right place. We hope that we can help you make the best choice for your needs.

1. Porch Swings
This is the most common porch swings type of all. It is the most mainstream but has the most variety in it as well. The two seater beautifully styled porch swing looks really elegant and dramatic to add great definition to your backyard especially outdoors when you are sitting and comfortably enjoying a sunset swinging along on it.

This is the most classical style ever in the bench style available for all types of porches.

2. Freestanding Arbor Swings
This option is the best for all those people who do not have larger porch spaces but want to add something to them and make them look great as well.

Why Arbor swings are great? They are the best swings to fit in smaller areas. The sturdy posts are easy to place in your yard where there is no sun or add a canopy for shade.

3. Pallet Porch Swings
This is probably the most striking invention that has been recycled and utilized perfectly. Pallet porch swings are the most exquisite form and example of making beautiful things out of nothing at all. The creative idea of using a shipping pallet to be converted into sleek and slim bench or swing is the perfect way to go for any affordable as well as stylish venture for your patio or backyard.

4. Cape Cod Gliders
If you are into building one yourself and are able to work well with wood, then this idea can be lots of fun

Aug 13

Decorate Your Garden With Bark Mulch Which Is Found Easily Online

Decorating the garden will generally be a little difficult consequence of which not many people grasps what to plant and target things that grow like plants and grass. Don’t worry as I am going to describe about the simplest way that is Bark Mulch to embellish your garden. It is the stuff that you have just typically seen in playgrounds for teenagers or maybe on a terra firm path. Its little chips of bark that types mulch and make a rather distinctive and trendy surface. There are such a lot of positives regarding victimization this product thus if you are interested you will have a number of things to deem.

Firstly, you’ll have to contemplate wherever you are going to use it. Plenty of individuals use it for driveways, borders in their garden and after all living areas. You’ll additionally have to be compelled to deem a budget in order that you’ll be able to forestall yourself from overspending. You’ll have to be compelled to do a little of analysis to seek out all the data you would like before you go on a spree.

Head over to Google search and type in “bark mulch” you ought to realize that there are plenty of choices on the market. You’ll be able to select from differing kinds of wood, sizes, colors and even what it is best used for. Decide what you would like so you will be able to do some worth comparison.

Usually you’ll have the foremost basic product that offers a sturdy surface for your garden. The opposite good thing regarding it’s that it will stop weeds from growing through thus it excellent thanks to keep your garden low maintenance. Ok, thus once you have got selected the merchandise you would like, you ought to then search the

Aug 13

Garden Of Life Raw Meal Plan For A Quick And Balanced Diet

With a society such as ours, where we seem to be on the go from one place to another, it can be hard to find a quick fulfilling meal. Many people often run to fast food places of business to satisfy their appetite. Fast food does not offer the essential nutrients we need though. With Garden of Life Garden of Life RAW Meal plan, an individual can eat quickly without sacrificing nutrition.
Most people do not realize that quite a lot of the food available in our society is not only devoid of nutrients, but it is filled with toxins. This is why there is a movement of companies to go organic. While organic food is good, RAW food is even better. Organic will have a lot of the essential good stuff our bodies need, but RAW food possesses not only the goods, but also the cleaning agents like probiotics.
Everyone can benefit from the immense amount of nutritional support found in RAW Meal. Because of its nature, those on a vegetarian or vegan diet can partake in this healthy meal. In addition, those who are gluten, dairy, or lactose free can feel safe eating this product. It has none of the bad things found in most other foods like synthetic nutrients that do not really add any nutrients.
This nutrient rich meal will most likely even fill a stomach that others have described as bottomless. The myth of a bottomless stomach originates from unhealthy food that lacks nutrients. A person normally becomes hungry when his or her body is in need of nutrients to stay energized. Therefore, when we put food that lacks nutrients into our stomachs, we need a lot more food to feel full.
Often, with this nutrient lacking food, we do not

Aug 08

Columns, Pier Caps, Balusters, Gate Posts, Garden Products, bullnose, Pavers, What are they

You can use them practically anywhere you want to, from the front and back verandas, porches, in front of the garage, making a colonnade entrance to you front door, a colonnade in your yard heading towards your garden with timbers across them , growing vines on them to give you shade in the hot summer days. Columns can be used also as carport posts with a roof on them, Build a porter cohere in front of the house as drop off point, to park your car under it, Use them for gazebos, Pergolas, to support the roof of your house are you building a Georgian House use them for the portico as well as the stick on quoins, or the full block quoins , along with the window sills, Build a rotunda in your country house using 350mm Tuscan columns, great to have a Barbie or have an orchestra play in it.

Of course there are also Square Columns available that you can use for an aesthetically look, or as structural columns.

Pier Caps

Also called Caps, Pyramid Caps, Post Caps

When you build a brick pier and brick wall you usually want to cap it with some sort of Capping to finish the job off, Flat Pier Caps, or pyramid shaped caps are used for the piers, flat wall capping, or rounded edged capping, also called bull nose caps, some people like to use some of the more elaborate wall capping like a molded side wall capping, or Ridged wall capping.

Baluster Fencing

A row of balusters is called balustrade, you use these to create a fence.

Fencing plays a very important part in our life providing security and peace of mind. Balusters and posts are used to fence off a verandah, or a balcony to prevent people from falling over the edge, they are used

Aug 06

Growing Spring Onions A Gardening Solution That Requires Minimum Effort Yet Produces Max Harvest

I used to hate growing spring onions. You know, I tried growing them for nearly a year and had little to show for. Mine grew thinly and drooped over!

Fortunately, I found a simple solution to this problem

The solution is absolutely terrific because not only did it help me grow beautiful organic spring onions, it also reduces my gardening workload!

You see, before I came upon this solution, I had to do all those tiring gardening undertakings like weeding, pest repelling and following tight planting schedules.

I also had to adjust imbalanced soils by planting green manure crops, adding more fertilizers and so on. But thanks to this solution, I no longer need to do all these things.

Now, I finally discovered the joy of growing spring onions and maintaining a healthy, organic vegetable garden! I dont know about you, but I prefer this formulaminimum effort, maximum harvest.

So ecosystem gardening is the solution that follows the minimum effort, maximum harvest formula to perfection

You only need to put in a very small amount of effort (compared to traditional gardening techniques) to ensure your garden is able to produce plenty of organic spring onions along with other delicious vegetables and fruits.

Growing spring onions using the ecosystem gardening technique is so simple and effective. Here are some tips to help you get started.

(1) Make sure you set up your vegetable garden in such a way that weeds will not be able to grow at all. Its possible to do this using a planting scheme that allows a wide range of edible plants to occupy each niche space in your garden.

(2) The spring onion seeds should be sown shallow. Sow them too deep and youll probably get zero results.

(3) I often use warm water in the beginning.

Aug 06

Great Online Deals On Gardening Equipments And Tools

Many homeowners consider growing plants and bushes in and around their homes but high price of gardening equipments and the labor required for gardening with manual tools discourage them to hedge their properties. If you are one of them then you will be delighted to know that you can buy gardening tools on affordable online deals.

First understand what makes a tool expensive. It is involvement of supply chain that increases the price of a product. Take a chainsaw for instance. A 52cc chainsaw will cost you around $190 at a retail shop but its actual price is below $90. In this way, you can see that you pay $100 more for buying a chainsaw from a retailer.

A manufacturer sells a chainsaw at $100 to a supplier, who further resells the tool to another supplier and in this way suppliers keep adding until the tool reaches a retail store from where it is finally sold to a buyer like you. The manufacturer gets the manufacturing price and a premium on that price. The first suppliers buys a 52cc chainsaw at $100 from a manufacturer and resells it $110 to another supplier and in this way the cost of the chainsaw keep increasing until it reaches the retailer.

What online deals have to offer? The deals come from manufacturers and not suppliers because a supplier can never sell a tool at affordable price. For instance you can buy a 52cc chainsaw at $105 from a manufacturer but a supplier has to sell is more than $105 to make some money. Since there are manufacturers that sell their products on their own, you have an opportunity to buy gardening equipments like chainsaw, water pump and hedge trimmer at affordable price.

Online deals on gardening equipments provide homeowners like you

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