Sep 19

7 Reasons to Use Wood When Building a House

1. Wooden homes are environmentally friendly.

If you are looking to build a sustainable house, then a natural material such as hardwood is definitely your best option. Timber is the world’s best environmentally friendly material, and that means that the air miles on your home will be immediately offset by the materials that you have chosen to use. For a guilt-free choice, a wooden home is really your only option.

2. Wood homes are cost-effective.

When DIY is constructing your home, you want to make sure that you are doing it within budget. Purchasing timber wholesale in large quantities can massively reduce the price of it, making it much cheaper than any other material. You will also find, in the unlikely event that you need to make repairs, that the price will always be lower because you used a better priced material.

3. Wooden homes will save on heating.

Normal building materials, such as concrete and metals, as well as bricks and stone, will expand and contract depending on the heat and humidity. This constant changing means that cracks can appear in these homes, making heating bills higher as your system tries to heat your home and the outdoors. But wood doesn’t change – it never expands or contracts, keeping your house both water-tight and toasty warm.

4. Wood homes mean hearing less of the neighbours.

If you are tired of listening to the arguments of the people next door when you are at home, a well insulated wooden house may be the change in lifestyle that you have been looking for. Wood is a natural sound absorber, which means it does not allow sound to travel through it. Say goodbye to listening to someone else’s television, and hello to relaxing quiet evenings in. It also means that your neighbours will never hear you!

5. Wooden homes are

Sep 19

Creating An Indoor Or Outdoor Pet Memorial Garden

You can connect to the healing process by creating a pet memorial garden dedicated to your beloved pet. Losing a family dog, cat, or other pet can cause feelings just as strong as when we lose our human companions to death. Finding ways to cope is essential to moving through the grieving process. By creating an indoor or outdoor space in memory of your pet, you are sure to find greater peace as you contemplate positive memories that you shared with your loved one.

The first step in creating a memorial space is to determine whether it would be better suited indoors or outdoors. People who live in apartments or other dwellings without a private backyard will find that they can create a small indoor garden using a planter box or a large plant container. If you have a small porch space, you can place several plant containers in a dedicated space, and add a memorial stone that includes your pets name for a personal touch.

If you do have a private outdoor space, you will find that there are endless opportunities for creating a memorial garden. You may already have a garden space in which you can put a memorial stone, a bench that has been engraved with a special poem that reminds you of your beloved pet, angel figurines, or other objects that honor your pet.

You can also start from scratch with an outdoor space by planting a memorial tree with a stone engraved with your pets name near the tree. This will offer a living tribute to your pet.

Adding wind chimes, hanging your pets tags from a tree, using engraved memorial stones, or putting a framed picture of your pet near your indoor memorial garden are all beautiful ways to remember your pet.

Sep 18

Practical Summer Garden Party Dress Ideas

With the arrival of summer season, garden parties are again in vogue. If you have been invited for a summer garden party, you may want to know something about perfect garden party dresses. This article will provide you some information on the dresses that you can wear for a wonderful garden party.

Garden parties are not only tea parties, but are also held for wedding receptions, engagement parties and so on. When it comes to a garden party, most people get confused about the attire that they should wear for such a party. So, if you will attend a garden party and have no idea about the dress you should choose, it is necessary to know something about garden party dresses.

Most people may think that garden parties are casual affairs. However, it can be formal or informal according to the event for which the party is organized. If you have no idea about the dress that you should wear for the upcoming garden party, the best thing you can do is look for clues in the invitation. If such thing is mentioned, the wordings wrote on it can help you in choosing the right dress.

For women, there are many options to choose from. One of the most important things that have to be carefully considered is the fabric of the dress. Chiffon and silk are good options in summer. The length of the dress can start from ankle length, tea length to floor length which is up to you. When it comes to color, white color may be their first choice for white is a classic color hat most women prefer for a garden party. Dress with flower prints is also a good choice. Though it is fine to have a sleeved dress for the garden party, dresses which

Sep 18

Hydroponics Gardening – How To Grow Flowers And Vegetables With Minimal Time And Effort

Did you know that you can still grow your own beautiful flowers and vegetables, without having to spend many hours every week looking after your garden?

One of the biggest problems many gardeners face is never having enough time to maintain their garden. There’s always weeds to remove, insects and other pests to take care of, and steps to take to prevent plants becoming diseased. Even watering the garden each day can be very time consuming, unless theres an automatic sprinkler system in place.

If you want a garden but only have limited time to look after it, hydroponics is a great option. Hydroponics gardening has many time-saving advantages over conventional gardening methods.

Some of these advantages are:

1. No weeding required.

With hydroponics gardening, the plants are grown in a solution of nutrients dissolved in water instead of soil. You don’t have to worry about weeds sprouting amongst your plants, because soil isn’t used.

2. Fewer problems with pests and diseases.

When growing hydroponically, you have less of the typical problems with pests such as slugs, snails and caterpillars attacking your plants.

Although the nutrient solution of your hydroponic garden will have to be changed regularly, this only takes a fraction of the time compared to conventional gardening maintenance – eg. greenhouse gardening, where soil has to be replaced between crops to prevent disease.

3. You don’t need to spend time watering your plants.

Plants grown in a hydroponic garden have an unlimited supply of water. You never need to be concerned that your plants are getting too much or too little water.

4. Say goodbye to digging your garden.

Preparation of a conventional garden involves loosening the soil to add oxygen for the plants roots to extract. Once again, as soil isn’t used with hydroponics, this means one

Sep 18

Indoor Plants Which Are The Top 5 Plants For Indoor Gardening This Season

Many people have this misconception that indoor gardening isnt as much fun as outdoor gardening. The reality is just the opposite. Sometimes, indoor gardening can turn out to be a more fun and worthwhile learning experience while fulfilling the gardeners appetite inside you.

Indoor plants not only serve decorative purposes, they are also useful in cleaning up your room environment. Following is a short synopsis of which indoor plants are hot this season.


This indoor plant is otherwise known as the Yellow Goddess. It is also referred to as the Goddess of Flowers because of its yellow blossoms, evocative of the bright sunshine of spring. You can recreate the outdoor warmth of spring in your living room by growing the Yellow Goddess variation of amaryllis.

It has mellow yellowish blossoms shaped like trumpets while the throats of the flowers are touched by a hint of green. It lends a very light, bright, happy and cheerful look to any room and brightens it up in an instant.

Tropical Combo Bonsai

If you have the means, the energy and the time, then choose a small corner in your living room and start cultivating a tropical garden. Nowadays, it is very easy to create miniature rock gardens made with ceramic in your rooms where you can grow fun foliage plants including various tropical species of bonsai plants. This is just the perfect way to sample the taste of tropics in your terraced living room or bedroom.

Ponytail Palm

Apart from the delightful name, there are also plenty of unique features that this plant possesses. This is one of those indoor plants that do not require watering. So it is a perfect choice for those who are regularly forgetting to water their flora. The ponytail palm sits on a rather unusually

Sep 17

Covent Garden Hotel – The Most Refined Rooms In London

I am a frequent visitor of London, nearly all of the time for work purposes. I love the citys hotels but my experience of Covent Garden hotel made a great distinction. It was not only a space for resting to me, but also it was more than I had anticipated. You cannot probably get lost, as the hotel is centrally positioned, and in one of Londons best local neighborhoods inside the West End. In fact, it is only a few steps away from the Covent Garden. Nearby, you’ll find gorgeous shops, small cafes and a beautiful French restaurant just across the street. This is the perfect place to sit and watch Londoners strutting throughout the roads brimming with life.

The hotels interior design is not just special, but also very legendary. Based on locals, the Hotel was in the past a hospital that in 1996 was rehabilitated into the most charming thing you can possibly discover in London. Its front door is wonderfully decorated with a mix of both traditional and contemporary decorations. I fell in love with the extraordinary stairs adorned in wonderful decorations. My room was a mix of tapestry and handmade Asian fabrics simply to present it a cool feel. Covent Garden Hotel includes a welcoming lobby and in contrast to almost all hotels in London, my room was really big, coupled with all of the comfort you want to get, and absolutely perfect for family. The lavatories are plush and contemporary, with deluxe double showers. You will find there’s TV and laptop computer for yourself in the rooms, and well-performing internet connection is a guarantee. People on business do not need to worry about leaving their laptop or having problems doing work at night.

One distinctive thing about Covent Garden Hotel is that even though it

Sep 15

Cantilever Parasols For Relaxed Moments In Garden

Sitting in the shade of an umbrella or parasol in a beautiful garden is a nice way of enjoying some the lovely weather. You can also enjoy a light drizzle under the shelter of cantilever parasols in your garden. The one basic difference that separates a cantilever parasol from regular parasols is that it has a very sturdy beam that offers sturdy support to the parasol. You can also adjust it to create shade as the sun changes positions.

With a cantilever parasol from Indian Ocean, you can indeed enjoy shade in style. Crafted with the finest quality of materials, these stylish garden parasols withstand wind, rain and the UV rays of the sun without showing any signs of damage.

If you have a swimming pool in your garden and want to enjoy some time sitting by its side, having a cantilever parasol and some comfortable folding chairs beneath can be a good idea. Indeed, quality furniture, parasols, garden umbrellas and hammocks give you all the more reason to spend more time outside. Even neighbours and guests visiting your place may prefer to meet you out in the garden or by the poolside if you have a nice set of furniture.

The beauty and durability of cantilever parasols and garden furniture at Indian Ocean make it really ideal for use in the open and semi covered areas of your house. You can also invest in some outdoor garden sofas and use them in the patio, portico, balcony or veranda of your house.

Along with cantilever parasols, outdoor garden sofas, folding garden chairs, sun loungers, Indian Ocean also offers you richly crafted hammocks and swings. You may also buy a few cushions and pads to add to the comforts of your garden furniture sofas and for a

Sep 14

Designing Your Log Cabin

As today’s consumers try to live healthier and greener, wooden homes are coming back to our lives and turn over a new page in the history of wooden homes. Log cabin structures consist of the planet’s greener and healthier building material, this is why more than 30,000 people choose to build a home out of logs each year.

If you want to live in the log cabin, you will need a lot of decorating and design ideas. There are many people searching for the new ideas. I hope that you will enjoy this article whether you live in a wooden house or not. Even if you do not live in a wooden cabin, you can decorate your traditional house with the look of a wooden cabin. Usually the interior of the wooden house is rustic, simple, and casual.

Many people think that it is very difficult to decorate their home without spending a lot of money, but it is not true. I will give you some tips on decorating your wooden house. You should do shopping at the flea market, discount store, estate sales, and second-hand shops. Do not be afraid to decorate your wooden house with the natural items found outdoor – it will make your wooden house look more rustic. Decorating with the natural items will help to cut the cost of decorations.

You should think about a lot of details such as your furniture, walls, floor, and windows. We recommend you to begin with the color scheme. You should choose more natural colors. You will be amazed how great your wooden cabin will look with brick-red, spruce green, rich brown, coal-black, golden-yellow, creamy beige, or denim blue walls. Install wood ceiling beams in vaulted great room and make a rustic wooden house feel. Do not forget that the ceiling from

Sep 13

Facts About English Gardens

If you love nature together with its scented flowers, ornamental plants, shrubs and trees, then you would surely like to set up a flower garden in the backyard of your house, where you can relax and enjoy fresh air along with the persons close to you. It is no secret that flowers add beauty to our lives and they are very important not just to those who are flower enthusiasts, but also to those who have to work in noisy, crowded cities, where pollution affects the environment. However, if you want to design a wonderful flower garden and to give it a picturesque view, then maybe you will be more than happy to find out a few facts about the traditional English gardens.

The first thing you need to know is that this style of gardens uses genuine combinations of flowers and ornamental plants, in order to create great natural landscapes that can give any garden an organized yet pleasant view. These gardens are also known as Roman gardens, as they were first created by the Roman conquerors of Britain. You should know that the earliest such gardens were designed by following symmetrical patterns in the planting of flowers and low box hedges.

Currently, people can easily design their own English gardens by following various tips and ideas they find on the specialized sites that compete in offering gardeners various options in the ways they can enhance the overall layout of their gardens.
What you need to know is that this garden style is filled with greenery, various types of flowers, decorative and aromatic plants, shrubs and trees which can create real landscapes of gardens.

A common aspect of all types of English gardens is the presence of rose. Fortunately, since these flowers come in huge

Sep 13

Why Choose Local Movers Over Brokers

When you are out to choose a mover, make sure that the company you approach is not a broker. This is because you might regret the experience you have with them. Here is a list of reasons why you would not want to hire a broker.

Brokers lack all sorts of resources and experience

Brokers lack any operational or logistical capabilities that put them very far behind any local movers. They do not possess any professional movers, moving trucks and proper moving equipment. In majority of the cases, they hardly have any experience. These brokers happen to be mere sales teams that would be booking your move and instead of completing the task themselves, they would be selling it to some local mover.

You may end up waiting on the moving day without professional help

At times, the brokers are unable to sell the job. This means that they fail in forwarding it to a local mover. This could be due to several reasons such as lack of resources, low estimate and lack of availability. Since the job is not forwarded to an actual mover, you would get stranded without the services of a moving company. This could pose a problem to you on your moving day.

The broker will not be accountable for the services

Hiring a broker may leave you immensely frustrated in the end. This is because a moving broker cannot be held accountable for what happens after a local mover has taken responsibility. The brokers would be charging their fees and would not take any responsibility. However, the fees to the broker company in most cases are usually paid by the moving company for providing them with a lead opportunity.

Other adverse consequences of hiring a broker

Some adverse consequences may arise as a result of dealing with brokers.

The final prices charged could be

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