Oct 13

Choose The Lasting Beauty And Durability Of Plastic Garden Sheds

Despite their apparently flimsy sounding name, plastic garden sheds are in fact extremely strong and durable and are mostly made from robust polycarbonates and vinyls that can withstand extremes of weather and heavy duty day to day use. Plastic sheds are usually at the higher-priced end of the market, which reflects their quality and gives an indication of the care that has gone into their manufacture.

There is a wide range of plastic garden sheds on the market, in shapes and sizes to suit all needs and in designs that will sit comfortably within most garden and house styles from the traditional to the most modern. Many plastic sheds feature attractive coloured vinyl panels and some are offered with textured or wood-grain surfaces which give a more pleasing effect are also less prone to scratching and marking.

Plastic garden sheds require almost no maintenance whatsoever apart from occasional cleaning and do not require painting, staining or treatments.

Constructed from robust and lightweight modern materials, plastic sheds are designed to give many years of trouble-free service in most normal house and garden applications. Extremely strong and durable, they are also mildly flexible, which offers very good resistance to the everyday bending, knocks and wear & tear you would expect in a normal garden.

An important feature of plastic garden sheds is that they are fireproof and resistant to rats and rodents, which gives you greatly improved protection for whatever you choose to store inside. A plastic shed is also often stronger than steel and can be locked to give additional security against break-in and theft and provide safe storage for chemicals and cleaners well away from children and pets.

Normally supplied as a complete kit complete with all parts and fittings, plastic garden sheds offer all the advantages of a factory

Oct 12

Make your Garden a Paradise with Rain Chain

Rain chains or Kusari-Doi as known in Japan have been used for over hundreds of years. These chains are commonly found in homes, gardens and temples throughout Japan. rain chain provides a beautiful and functional substitute for the rainwater gutter down pipe. The beautiful view of water cascading down gracefully between the sections produces a soothing sound. The flowing water normally finishes at ground level with a weight standing on pebbles that keeps the chains fixed in the wind and rain. It is important to anchor chains at the bottom in order to prevent chain from swinging during strong wind blowing.

A typical downpipe flows directly into the pipe at the bottom, which is useful in carrying water away from the house. Placing the cups or links down into the pipe and securing it is the most common way to anchor the chain. Therefore, it becomes crucial to either move the pipe away from the home, or the water can be flown into the barrel. The water thus saved in a rain barrel can be used to water the garden later. Just as the rain chains are easily available, rain barrels can be purchased at most garden shops. Besides, wine barrels have a decorative yet modern appeal that makes a good finish point for the chain.

There are unlimited options for choosing a suitable receptacle for the copper rain chain. A watering is an ideal option that looks good while sitting in the garden and can be filled with rocks. One can make this visual even more creative as one can make a good anchor for the chain. One of the simplest accessories to anchor the chain is a garden pot. It can be filled with water or pebbles that can be placed at the end of the

Oct 10

How To Grow Heavenly Bamboo Or Nandina Unique Colorful Garden Screen Shrubs For Dry Shade

Heavenly Bamboo, or Nandina is a beautiful landscape shrub with large, lacy leaves that resemble bamboo. Except the leaves on this beautiful evergreen shrub put on a color display almost all year around. New growth is reddish pink which eventually turns to pastel green. In fall, the leaves change to bronze and can even turn bright red in winter.

Nandina can be grown as a low screen in the landscape. It is a slow grower, but well worth the wait. The plant sends out tall stalks from the base on which the delicate leaves unfurl. It will eventually reach heights of 6 to 8 feet tall. Single plants usually measure two feet across, but they slowly form clumps, spreading by underground runners. But Nandina is not considered invasive.

Heavenly Bamboo plants are fairly drought tolerant and can survive on little extra water once they are established in the ground. They can also tolerate regular garden watering too. Another valuable trait is that Nandina can be grown from sun to shade. In areas with very hot summers it will grow best with part shade.

In spring or early summer Nandina blooms with creamy white flowers at the ends of their branches. The flowers bracts measure from 6 to 12 inches, with large whitish flowers with bright yellow centers. If the flowers are pollinated they will produce clusters of bright red berries in the fall.

Heavenly Bamboo isn’t a true bamboo at all, but is a member of the barberry family. It is native to China and Japan. It grows best in USDA Zones 7 – 9 or Sunset Zones 4 – 24 with stem damage occurring about 5 degrees. When grown in alkaline soils, Nandina can develop chlorosis, or iron deficiency. This disease shows up as light green or white veins

Oct 10

Enjoy Your Camping With A Hammock

There are basically two main types of a hammock, classic, and camping. A classic hammock is a traditional one which you can find in most of the backyards or pool sides of the houses. They come up in different styles and materials as per the purpose. While a camping hammock also known as portable hammocks is a portable version of the classic hammock. It can be quickly hanged between trees. They are very easy to assemble and most of them take hardly a couple of minutes maximum. It does need any skills or hardships to hang them anywhere. Camping hammocks are usually very light materials thus making portability easy. They are also very durable and soft. Their design is made as such that both backpackers and campers find it super effective to use. Some of the other features of hammock making it an ideal option for camping are as follows:

– The size of a camping hammock is such that it can fit in even a small bag that is about the size of a softball size, making it the best hammock for a camper.
– Apart from its size, a camping hammock also makes camping convenient due to its weight. It weighs less than two pounds, thus adding no significant weight to your gear.
– Camping hammocks are also very strong and resistant. Most of the camping hammocks can hold a weight of up to four hundred pounds. It is also very resilient as it is made up of breathable and sturdy nylon materials.
– Over the other features, hammocks come up with an added benefit of accessories. Things like mosquito nets, webbing straps come along with the hammock to ensure that you are not hurting the tender bark of the tree, while you are hanging.
– A camping hammock

Oct 09

Absolute Luxury With Rattan Garden Furniture And Garden Parasols

Rattan garden furniture is known to be the best option to go for if you are looking for luxurious garden furniture. They are not only made of the best garden furniture material but also come in various design finishing that can be used to enhance the beauty of any garden. Furthermore, it has been established that most of the rattan furniture are able to provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere due to the level of class and vitality that they have.

To enhance the relaxing look of these furniture pieces, the use of garden parasols can be very effective. Their main use of parasols is to provide shelter from wind and the hot sun. One of the reasons why it is popular in most gardens is to the fact that it can be used even with furniture pieces that have no holes in them and they also have a unique luxurious feel and look them. There are various uses of the rattan furniture pieces that you can be sure to enjoy. For one it is known to provide pieces that you can use to spice up your life. This is because it can be used a garden pieces or can be placed at a poolside and still look good. It may be used for decorative purposes as well. It is possible to have these furniture pieces placed near fire pits so that you can get warmth even in chilling weather.

Although these rattan garden furniture and the parasols may cost you some money, the benefits that you get from investing in such quality garden furniture and accessories surpasses the money you spend buying them. However, it is still possible to buy them at affordable prices. This is possible if you can be able to buy them from stores that

Oct 09

Gardening Forum

If you’re a certified gardening aficionado then a gardening forum is just the thing for you. Your family’s already probably tired of hearing minute details of the earth worm and its resourcefulness, not to mention hearing about the detailed structure of the foxglove and its place in the whole gardening circle of life.

What a gardening forum will offer you will be the chance to talk to like minded people who don’t mind talking for hours on end about the vagaries of gardening, and who, in fact actively seek out kindred souls such as yourself, for the same reasons you did.

But now you ask, how do I find a gardening forum, and how do I find one that’s right for me? It’s a perfectly valid question and you have nothing to feel ashamed about asking it. After all, you’re a gardener at heart, not a computer wizard.

We’ll start with the basics, and move on from there. You could ask a friend, or a colleague, or even a family member, but the way I see it reading this article will be less time consuming, and potentially less hassle free as I won’t be ragging you on your computer non-know-how. We can’t all be computer savvy.

Since right about now you’re probably feeling the urge to ‘branch out’ on your own and find your very own set of gardening fanatics, all you need to do is type in the words Gardening Forum into your favorite search engine and press the search button. And, hey presto, you have access to your very first gardening forum.

To participate in a forum of any kind you will generally be required to join and sign up as a member. Usually this shouldn’t entail anything more than providing a valid email address, a password, and

Oct 09

Promote Your Gardening Services With Captivating Poster Copy

The first thing that a poster has to do is to grab the reader’s attention and eventually engage them to continue reading on. You can do this by using high-impact images and writing interesting content. Remember that your poster’s content should be able to pique your customer’s interest in order to get them hooked. Here are a few tips you can use to come up with an attention-grabbing poster copy for your gardening services:

Poster Copy Ideas for Gardening Services

* Photos of Sample Works: Increase your business’ marketability by utilizing photos of your newly designed garden. Prospective customers can rely on the images to assess your competency, since the photos reflect the quality of your work. The photo should give your customers a clear picture of the kind of service that you provide. When they look at your sample works, they should be able to see you as a business they can trust.

* Helpful Tips: Position yourself as an expert in your field by providing useful information that your customers can benefit from. For instance, you can give them simple tips about plant care and choosing the right fertilizer. Sharing your knowledge and ideas to your customers lets you strengthen your credibility. Once, you are able to present yourself as a credible professional, you’ll then be able to gain your customer’s trust.

* Description of Services: Customers need to know what your business can do for them before making a decision to hire you. So, make sure to provide a concise yet complete description of the services you offer. You can also add your service’s price range for your customer’s knowledge.

Strengthen your marketing campaign by ensuring the quality of your posters. The best thing you can do is seek the expertise of a reputable online printing company

Oct 08

Rattan Garden Furniture Uk The Best Home Fitting

Everyone had a dream of having a decent garden where one can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee with family and the garden is imperfect without the classy furniture that fits with the garden and enhances the beauty of garden, if you are looking ahead to get the best furniture that suits your garden then you have some options that are available for you as you can get the steel furniture or iron coating furniture for your garden or the other option that is available for you is plastic furniture that is offered in various shapes and sizes and colours that may add looks to your garden, however the plastic furniture is less popular though its easy to shift plastic furniture due to various other reasons and the other option that is available for you is wooden furniture which can give your garden a classy look and thus is being preferred by many however wooden furniture is a bit costly as compared to other options that are available for you, no matter the kind of option that you are looking ahead for the best option for you is rattan garden furniture uk as its offered in all the three options and thus you can get the kind of furniture that you are looking ahead for and that is the reason rattan garden furniture uk is being preferred by many over time.

With time various online stores are also offering rattan garden furniture uk and you can visit these online stores to check various rattan garden furniture uk that are being offered by the store and can thus select the best furniture that fits your garden the best and the prices that are being offered by these online stores are very competitive and thus you can easily get the best

Oct 06

Is There A Market For Used Garden and Storage Sheds

The answer is yes, but how do you go about selling your used utility, garden or storage sheds? Who would want to buy a used storage shed, and how do you decide what to charge when listing your used storage shed for sale? Read along, and Ill show you how to sell your old shed, who you can sell them to, and how much you can make selling your old used shed.

Heres a boring stat that can actually help you make a little more money for your used sheds.The person most likely to buy a used utility shed is a male, between the ages of 42 and 59, he makes $50,000 plus per year, and most of his children are out of the house. These marketing numbers came from Quantcast.com, and are for a website called UsedShed.com.

With the information above, you should be able to find places to advertise your shed where it will catch the attention of men over 49. Try advertising your used shed for sale anywhere older guys hang out, and in local publications that they like to read. I like to advertise locally, since It doesnt make any sense to advertise a used shed for sale in Washington, in a Boston newspaper.

I would start by advertising in local papers in the home and garden section. I know that as a 45 year old male, I love sitting at the local coffee shop, or over Breakfast, and reading the weekly Nickel, or the local classifieds. These types of classified ads are going to be the best way to sell your used shed.

Using Craigs List would be another good way to sell your old garden shed. Craigs List has sections for every statel has classified ads for every state, some metro areas, and local regions, if you

Oct 06

Protect your garden from birds this spring

The neighbors aren’t the only ones admiring your garden. Birds love to fly by and swoop in to admire it too. If your garden includes fruit trees and vegetable plants, birds are likely to find it even more attractive.

Once they start nibbling away on your fresh vegetables and leaving droppings on your patios and plants, you will want to know how you can get rid of the birds flocking your yard.

Fortunately, there are a number of steps you can take to protect your garden from birds:

1. Create physical barriers
Build an inexpensive framework in your garden to protect vulnerable plants. Bamboo poles, fence posts, or tall stakes can all be implemented to create a surrounding structure. Once built, drape netting over the framework and anchor it to the ground with bent wire. This way, the net cannot blow away and will guard birds from harassing your plants.

2. Use visual deterrents
Simple visual devices can be effective in warding off a number of bird types including pigeons, starlings, blackbirds, and woodpeckers. Attaching iridescent bird deterrent foil strips to fence posts, trees, or rooftops, will scare birds away. Placing colorful balloons with scary faces around your garden is another option. You can also consider a combined approach, attaching foil to the balloons and moving them around the yard daily for the best results. In order for this solution to work well, the visual deterrent must be unpredictable and constantly moving.

3. Give the garden a bad taste
A food-grade biodegradable spray, which has a bitter and unpleasant taste, will keep certain birds such as Canadian geese and woodpeckers away from your garden. The spray is composed of methyl anthranilate, which targets the birds’ taste and smell senses,

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